Don’t worry! Based on our detailed question and answer catalog, you will find out further information about SolMate and its features. The system shines with its intelligent measurement technology, the self-installation and the ability to use it off-grid! With your off-grid emergency generator by EET you are thus well prepared in case of emergencies like a black out. This feature also allowes you to take your SolMate with you on your next camping weekend. Have you ever heard about the MySolMate-App? The App makes it possible to controll and monitor your solar system from anywhere. In our Q&A catalog we will give you more information about the app features. Our setup video will explain how to connect your SolMate with the MySolMate App. Let’s start and enjoy browsing! 

If you got further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are happy to help!

  • There are numerous mini PV systems on the market, what makes SolMate special?

    During the development of SolMate, we paid particular attention to the simple and self-explanatory installation of the individual components (panels and storage unit). SolMate works very efficiently and maintenance-free for up to 30 years. There is currently no comparable system on the market, which manages to combine all these features.

  • Do I need an electrician or fitter for the installation?

    No! SolMate is the only storage system on the market which can measure the power consumption through the power socket. Therefore SolMate can be installed by any solar pioneer within 30-50 minutes. Simply plug & play!

  • Do I have to register my pv system at my energy supplier?

    The registration may depend on your energy supplier. Basically our systems are not subject to approval and a simple registration form has to be accepted by every network operator.

  • May I actually connect SolMate to my home network from a regulatory point of view?

    Yes. In Austria for example, SolMate falls with a feed-in power of 500 watts under the so-called small-generation plants. Hence, there is no reason against the connection to the home network from a regulatory point of view, depending on your country.

  • Does battery life suffer from the unit being on the outside in summer and in winter?

    Unlike the lithium-cobalt dioxide accumulators known from smartphones, our lithium iron phosphate accumulators have the advantage of being extremely durable and much more insensitive to temperature. A long lifetime is thus guaranteed even in outdoor use.

  • I’ve heard of burning batteries in electric cars, does SolMate run the risk of fire?

    We can reassure you, there is no risk of fire whatsoever. Due to the solid electrolyte and the cell chemistry, the LiFePO4 cells within SolMate are considered intrinsically safe. Meaning, thermal runaway and membrane fusion as can occur in lithium-ion batteries in electric cars is excluded. Thermal overload of the houses electrical circuit due to the additional supply is prevented by the intelligent feed-in management of SolMate. If a high electrical load (> 3000 W) is detected, SolMate will no longer feed electricity to the household for safety reasons.

  • What maintenance costs are incurred?

    During operation, there are no additional costs. The device is thus maintenance-free.

  • How much does the app for remote monitoring via smartphone cost?

    Of course, we will provide the smartphone app free of charge.

  • Can I use SolMate as an emergency backup supply?

    Yes. SolMate has a built-in power outlet, which can be used for emergency power supply. If there is a blackout, you can switch to off-grid mode and continue to supply the most important consumers within your home with electricity.

  • Is there still voltage at the plug after disconnecting the power cable?

    When you disconnect your SolMate or LightMate from your household socket, there is no voltage present. The built-in inverters have integrated safety measures that ensure that voltage is only present when a mains supply is detected. If no mains supply is detected, the voltage at the plug is switched off in less than 200 milliseconds.


  • Can I also use SolMate independently from the public grid (off-grid)?

    Yes. The built-in socket can be used to set up a stand-alone grid. If you have e.g. a garden, lake or mountain hut, where you only need electricity for a few days each year, SolMates off-grid mode is perfect for you.

  • There is a blackout in my apartment, does SolMate still supply power?

    No. For safety reasons, SolMate disconnects automatically from the grid if a blackout occurs. In this case, you can switch to off-grid mode and continue to supply the most important consumers within your home with electricity.

  • Is it possible to combine SolMate with any other photovoltaic panels?

    Yes, that is of course possible! In our online shop you will find the naked version of our SolMate (without panels). All necessary cables and adapters are included in the package to connect existing standard panels to the storage system.

  • Does SolMate have a display, which shows the most important data?

    You can read the most important data on the device directly, all other information are shown on your smartphone app.

  • I’ve heard lithium-ion batteries harm the environment during their production?

    During the mining of the raw materials and the production of the batteries, energy is needed. The energy, which is needed during the production process, however, represents only a fraction of what is later used through the storage. The positive effect of using renewable energies and storing them in the battery, therefore outweighs significantly. Furthermore, our lithium-iron-phosphate technology does not use any cobalt, which is very problematic to win in the first place.

I hope we could clarify your key questions about SolMate and its features. If you have any further question please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you! If our Q&A catalog is still not enough information about us and our products, feel free to check out our youtube channel for further information!


off grid power system SolMate by EET


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