Photovoltaics can power every home

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With SOLMATE, everyone will be able to produce their own electricity. Just set it up on the balcony, plug it into a power socket and provide your own renewable electricity for your household. SolMate is the first photovoltaic system with electricity storage for the power socket.

SOLMATE – Bring sun into your home!


Your Solar Storage System without any installation, just plug it into the power socket!

Solar Energy System SolMate from EET for the power socket.
Solar Energy System - SolMate for the powre socket, made to use it on your balcony.

for every home

Thanks to SolMate, tenants and owners of apartments are now also able to produce and use their own renewable electricity.

self consumption

The electricity produced flows through the solar panels into the electricity storage unit. Electricity that is not currently needed is stored by your SolMate for later.

PV Storage SolMate - with flexible solar panels for your balcony


SOLMATE, your photovoltaics with electricity storage, produces up to 25% of your electricity needs and saves about 6700 kg CO2.


If you produce your own electricity, you will never be sitting in the dark! With your photovoltaic system with electricity storage you can use solar power self-sufficiently!

Solar Energy from your Balcony

The solar panels are attached to the balcony railing, connected to the storage by cable and plugged into a standard wall socket. This self-generated electricity is fed back directly into this socket and is available in the entire apartment – without any construction site in your home, without any technician or tons of paperwork.

solar storage for the power socket. Feeds electricity through the socket into your home net. Also able to use it off grid.

What makes SOLMATE

What makes your SOLMATE unique is the patented measurement technology, known as NetDetection, that allows your SOLMATE to detect if you are currently using electricity at home. Thanks to this technology, your SOLMATE, photovoltaic system with electricity storage, is so smart that it only emits electricity when you use it somewhere in your home. The rest is stored in its power storage unit. This solution ensures that 100% of your precious solar power is consumed by you. Also, since you don’t feed electricity back into the grid, you don’t have to argue with your grid operator about feed-in tariffs. SolMate also provides you with electricity when others are sitting in the dark – in the event of a power outage. Your photovoltaic system with power storage offers you not only solar power and grid independence, but also a balcony privacy screen with function!


Your electricity

SolMate solar storage system - measurement to detect if and how much electricity is needed in your home


Of course you always know what your SolMate is doing, how much sun it is filling up and how much it is producing. That’s why we have developed an app for smartphone and tablet. “MySolMate” is provided free of charge.

For further videos visit our youtube channel:

SolMate front view


Photovoltaic panels with 105 Wpeak each (total 525 Wpeak)
Akku Capacity 960 Wh LiFePO4 technology (20 Ah, 48V)
Power 500 Wmax AC (On-grid and 600 W Off-grid)
Weight 25 kg (SolMate), 2.5 kg (per PV panel)
Dimensions 75x55x10 cm (SolMate), 105 × 69 cm (PV panel)

Supported by

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875870 and the City of Graz.


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